Why Store with Boxes on Shelves?

You don’t have to be a big organisation to run into a major storage of documents problem. Document storage and records management at your own premises or in self storage can be time consuming, expensive and difficult to manage.

The Solution

storage boxes

We’ll be your ‘one stop record management shop’ and ensure your sensitive and confidential records are not only securely stored, but also easily accessible.

8 Reasons why you should store with Boxes on Shelves:

  • Secure, reliable and affordable service
  • Web based retrieval system
  • Keep your office space clean and organised
  • Client focused and experienced friendly team
  • Purpose built secure facility located 20minutes from Sydney CBD
  • Ensure your business complies with document regulatory requirements
  • Peace of mind that your documents are safe and accessible
  • Tiered retrieval service delivered to your office

When storing with BoS you will receive:

  • FREE initial collection of boxes
  • FREE initial barcoding
  • FREE induction to warehouse

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