Storage of Documents, Sydney

Boxes on Shelves provide a simple and efficient archive storage solution for all business types.

Secure Document Storage and Retrieval

document storage boxes

Boxes on Shelves offers a secure purpose built records management facility for all sized businesses to store important and confidential documents. We work in partnership with O’Neils barcoding and tracking technology to ensure that each archive box is tracked and recorded at all times. Each archive box is individually labelled with a barcode with the client retaining the barcode number for their inventory list. These are read at uplift, placed into one of our many fleet vehicles and scanned into their final location on our shelves. They remain in the BoS facility until retrievals are required or until they are ready for destruction . Boxes on Shelves are able to inform you when your archive boxes have reached their destruction date and will contact you for confirmation ensuring you are not storing records unnecessarily.

When storing with BoS you will receive

  • - FREE initial collection of boxes
  • - FREE initial barcoding
  • - FREE induction to warehouse

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Document Retrieval

Boxes can be retrieved from your appointed account manager via phone, email or web-based request. BoS also offers a document viewing area onsite with internet, telephone and facsimile. We offer a number of archive box retrieval services as follows.

Tiered Retrieval System

  • - Standard Retrieval Service, within five business days
  • - Three Business Days
  • - Next Business Day
  • - Urgent Retrievals (within three hours)
  • - Out of Hours

Archive Box Sales

archive storage boxes

At Boxes on Shelves we produce our own archive boxes structured to meet all types of document storage needs. They are specifically designed with long term off-site storage and movement in mind.

They come flat packed with a secure lid attached to the box and are easy to assemble. BoS boxes have a 7 year life expectancy and are designed for archiving up to 16 kilograms, they do not crease, bend or break. Our boxes have thicker handles to ensure OH&S compliance for our driver’s safety.