Document Destruction

Boxes on Shelves provide a simple and secure records management destruction solution.

Security Destruction

Boxes on Shelves provides a security destruction service that includes shredding, electronic waste and recycling. Our processes are T4 accredited with ASIO giving you the guarantee that the security of our collection and destruction service is of the highest level at all times. This accreditation is imperative as our clients can trust that our process is secure from start to finish.

Security Destruction Bins

BoS secure destruction

BoS can provide temporary or permanent security destruction bins for your workplace that can be emptied as often or as seldom as you like. The security bins are lockable and you can place paper, newspaper, forms, envelopes, manilla folders and documents with staples in them. Simply contact us for a collection when the destruction bin is full or you can be put on a weekly or monthly scheduled collection.

Archive Box Destruction

BoS can destroy documents that are stored within the warehouse or that are stored at your premises. Our staff will collect and transport the boxes to our facility for destruction. We specialise in securely destroying archive boxes of files and records that have reached their use-by date. 
We remove "contaminated" items from your archive boxes such as bulldog clips, staples, paper clips and plastic sleeves before we start the process of paper shredding and paper recycling.

Office Relocations and Clean ups

We can assist in your office clean-up and relocation by delivering three types of bins to your office.

1. Document-destruction bins for the secure shredding of confidential paperwork

2. Paper-recycling bins to facilitate pulping and paper recycling

3. Office-waste bins for products such as stationery and corporate merchandise.

Other Services

BoS also specialises in the provision of Security Paper Recycling and E-waste Services for all of your confidential information and endeavour to develop a service that best suits your individual requirements.

You will receive a security certificate confirming your document destruction meets government standards.

Contact us to arrange reliable services in paper recycling, paper/file shredding, document destruction, and document disposal.