Frequently Asked Questions

Working with us is pretty straight forward and we handle everything for you. Here are the answers to a few standard questions:

Q: Who do we need to speak to if we need a retrieval or have a query?

Our personalised service allows clients to deal with only one person, an account manager; who is available 24 hours and will be your point of call if you have any queries or requests. Alternatively, our state of the art web retrieval system allows clients to simply request the return of any record without even having to pick up the phone

Q: How secure is the facility?

Files are stored at our modern and secure, purpose built facility where our trained staff will maintain your records in accordance with all legislative requirements. Temperature, ventilation and humidity are monitored and inspected regularly to ensure the longevity of box contents. The BoS warehouse facility is fitted with smoke detectors, CCTV and alarm systems. You can be confident that our state of the art facility and staff will ensure the preservation and safety of box contents.

Q: Can I use my own boxes?

Yes, you can use your own boxes as long as they are similar to the BoS box measurements- 410 x 300 x 270mm. Boxes should be loaded no more than16 kilograms. We request that the boxes are in good condition with lids attached. Moving forward we recommend purchasing BoS boxes as they are sturdy, come flat packed with a secure lid and are easy to assemble.

Q: Do you provide a packing service?

Yes, we do. We can pack your files and provide you with an inventory (that includes barcode numbers, content description, department and destruction date) The inventory document is then supplied to you in Excel format for you to refer to. 
We also provide a repack service, where we can repack any damaged boxes into new BoS boxes.

Q: How quick can I get a box back?

BoS offers a tiered retrieval system starting from a standard delivery, to next day service through to an out of hours retrieval. There is something to suit the needs of all business types.

Q: How do I retrieve a box?

To retrieve a box, you can do it a number of ways:
1. Call your appointed account manager direct or call 1300 1BOXES (126 937)
2. Email your appointed account manager with your request details or email directly to
3. Fill out the form on the Box Retrieval page of this site.

Q: What do I need to get started?

Call one our friendly and professional BoS consultants have the experience and expertise to cater for all your requirements (1300 1BOXES (126 937) and they will provide you with a FREE quotation.