Case Studies

A large number of campanies, ranging in size have used our Document Management Services. Here are a just a few examples of their experiences with us.

Case Study 1

Customer Profile

Australian Business, with its head office in Sydney’s CBD, the business has over 96 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

The Challenge

The client had large volumes of old and current archives in an old run down shed offsite. This shed was difficult for staff to manage as many of the archives were damaged and had deteriorated due to unmonitored storage conditions. Access to the shed was difficult and time consuming for the client to retrieve boxes or add boxes to, as the shed was located over an hour from their head office in Sydney. Staff members had to travel in their own vehicle to access the shed. This raised many concerns in relation to OH & S and effective time management of staff. The shed was not a convenient solution for their storage needs as the business was growing and beginning to require weekly retrievals and they could not manage this effectively.

The Boxes on Shelves Solution

Boxes on Shelves provided the client with a number of solutions to ensure their records were in order. Firstly a security destruction plan was implemented, to ensure that all documents that had reached the end of their life cycle which were being unnecessarily stored were securely destroyed. The BOS account manager and the client went through all the documents and marked the necessary ones for destruction, these were then placed into an onsite compactus truck. The remaining documents were repacked into Boxes on Shelves archive boxes. These boxes have a secure lid and are strong and durable to protect the documents inside. All documents that were repacked were recorded on an inventory, which provided the client with a listing of all boxes and a description of the contents to assist with quick future retrievals. All boxes were barcoded and then transported free of charge (as Boxes on Shelves offers clients “FREE initial collection”) to the Boxes on Shelves purpose built, records management facility. The client had approximately 1400 boxes inducted into the warehouse, with each box being scanned into its storage location.


Instead of being stored in an offsite storage shed, the boxes are now safe and secure in the Boxes on Shelves purpose built and monitored facility. All security destruction is T4 accredited to government certifications. All paper is double shredded to ensure the highest level of security.